Label Printing

Label printing is a technique use to  print on a self-adhesive label material or card tags. There are to methods to label printing.

The first method called direct thermal printing employs a technique use to printing on a heat sensitive paper like fax paper.  However, the labels tend to fade over time, when exposed to heat, direct sunlight or chemical vapors. Thus, direct thermal labels are primarily used for short duration applications, such as shipping labels.

The second methods uses heat to transfer ink from a  ribbon onto the label for a permanent print. Using a PVC vinyl can increase the longevity of the label life. An example of label stickers are industrial safety labels use today.

Bright gold polyester

Transparent polyester


Computer label

Hot stamping label

Matt sliver polyester

Security sticker

Matt gold polyester

Popup sticker

25mm polyester

Waterproof sticker

Roll form sticker

Satin sticker

Mirrorkote sticker

Wood-free sticker

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